Enshrined in a Sketchnote

It was both a privilege and a pleasure to talk at the small Re:Develop conference in Bournemouth on Friday – I had a great day, learnt a lot and met some new folk.  I spoke about aspects of lifeboat crew training that differ from the training we undertake typically in our day jobs, and how these differences could translate into the office to help us respond faster and more effectively when things go wrong.

But the high spot has to be being captured, with photo-like accuracy, in this sketchnote from @NatAlt.  See if you can spot me…



Old Skool

At Agile in the City, London, recently one of the keynote speakers, Kevlin Henney,  briefly touched upon his ‘history’ in the tech industry, recounting tales of technology of days gone by. I don’t think Kevlin’s as old as I am and so I, too, have memories to match and his talk caused me to take my own trip down memory lan, for that I am grateful.

So here are some things I remember from my first job, writing and testing software for a Telex exchange…Read More »