A Team in Ten Minutes

I don’t enjoy watching myself on screen.  I don’t even enjoy hearing my own voice.  I know I’m not alone – I think it’s fair to say tat the majority of people I’ve mentioned this to respond with an empathetic ‘Yeah, me too’.

But what a rich way to receive feedback!

Here’s the Re:Develop 2018 version of my ‘Team in Ten Minutes’ talk, then, where I discuss how organisations typically put teams together in response to crisis events.  How long should my list of feedback items be, do you reckon…

Steve Williams – A Team in Ten Minutes at re:develop 2018 from Base on Vimeo.


Checklists and Complexity: should they live together, or just be friends?

Core message ::  Even if you’re working in an inherently complex environment, checklists and templates can help.

Bikes and Traffic in Teipei fighting to 'make progress'

In the UK, Police motorcyclists, amongst the most highly trained and experienced road users, are taught to survive in the complex environment of busy roads, high speeds and often unpredictable behaviour by applying a defined process whenever a hazard is being approached.  A checklist if you like. You can read about it in ‘The Blue Book’ and ‘The System’ it describes is so widely used by trained motorcyclists that I guarantee you that either of those phrases will be immediately recognised in their company.Read More »