Top Ten Tips for Talkers

I saw this article from Nancy Duarte the other day and had a quick read – it’s only a few minutes long. It was well timed, I had a speaking slot at a conference coming up in a few days time and, like most folk, I’m not immune to performance nerves so was more than happy to pick up any tips that could be useful.

One of my own strategies for dealing with those nerves is to attempt to prepare for as many of the common gotchas as I can. I realise that there’s likely to be a surprise at every event and that I can’t simply magic them away through preparation – but what I find is that I can cope with the unexpected better when I’m confident that I have the basics covered.

I’ve ended up with a checklist of sorts.

I noticed that there are things on my checklist that I’ve not seen on others so I thought I’d publish it in the hope it could help someone else out. And so I can find it again:Read More »