Checklists: The Definition of Done

There are 10 ways to get ‘Out’ in cricket:

  1. CaughtCricket
  2. Bowled
  3. Stumped
  4. Leg Before Wicket
  5. Run Out
  6. Hit Wicket
  7. Timed Out
  8. Hitting the Ball Twice
  9. Obstructing the Field
  10. Handling the Ball
  11. (and some would say Retired, but it’s not on the official list)

I just tried to remember that list from memory and I failed.  I got to seven, then managed to remember the one about hitting the ball twice, then resorted to Google.  Ah well, that’s not quite what I was going to talk about, but is an excuse to publish this picture of me and some lifeboat colleagues playing cricket last week.  We lost, but we had better shirts.Read More »