The Sharpie:Marker ratio

I forget where, but a few days ago I was reading a thread asking for suggestions about fun, or at least tongue-in-cheek, metrics that could be collected in your organisation.  You may even have some already, for example a team I worked with used a ‘mood-o-meter‘ for a while.  I’ll let you ponder that and post about it soon.

My hypothesis here is that all data is interesting data, however trivial, fun or unrelated it seems to be.  So while charting ‘coffees per day’ or ‘boss walk pasts’ may be just a bit of fun, there may be – no, there will be – something of interest there.  Maybe the team thinks they’re being micro-managed by an attentive manager?  Or the opposite?  Does someone think Helen is taking too many coffee breaks?

Let me be clear, though.  ‘Something of interest’ doesn’t necessarily mean something to do something about.  It’s just a bit of data making up a larger and complex picture.  By all means choose not to do anything about it right now, but please don’t ignore it.



The Sharpie:Marker ratio?  My own fun metric, measuring the rate of change of decent Sharpies into knackered old whiteboard pens.  A high rate of change is an indicator of an engaged, inquisitive group who have grasped the value of working visually with each other.  So they nick your pens.



One thought on “The Sharpie:Marker ratio

  1. […] to the dry but technically relevant metrics. Why not include something more fun too (like my Sharpie ratio)? Coffee consumption, stand-up time, office temperature and so on could all have a place and may […]


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