About Expanding Box

Expanding Box consultants is a small (very small) company that aims to help engineering organisations to build cultures in which teams can thrive.

We are passionate about the environments in which great teams develop, we firmly believe in encouraging curiosity, ownership and leadership at all levels.

Expanding Box has a proven track record of working with individuals and organisations to identify and implement ways to increase resilience, predictability & responsiveness. This is achieved through use of lean thinking and agile techniques, applied with a complimentary knowledge of complex adaptive systems to improve decision making processes.

About Steve Williams

Originally from Birmingham, Steve moved to the south coast after graduating in Computer Sciences.  Steve’s early career was in telecommunications and it was here that he was exposed to the new-fangled ideas of Extreme Programming (XP).  Steve quickly became passionate about how teams of developers create software, a passion that continues today.

Moving into the digital pay-TV sector, working for the company behind many of the ground breaking technologies during that period, Steve was a leading figure in introducing many teams to agile thinking and earned a reputation for bringing new thinking, tools and techniques to major global projects.

In 2015 Steve joined a team of business transformation advocates within a large global organisation.  Steve and the team worked from senior management level through to grass roots to embed agile and lean thinking in a diverse set of business units in a variety of locations around the world.

A keen kayaker, swimmer, runner, sailor and cyclist (although never at once and often not even in the same season), Steve spends a lot of time outside.   Since 1999 Steve has been a member of the Swanage Lifeboat crew and draws many analogies, observations and learnings from the contradictions and similarities between Search & Rescue operations and the complex dynamics of team working in a business environment.