Agile Coaching

I don’t support any particular methodology.  Rather I prefer to draw upon my experiences gathered since the late ’90s to see what may fit with your teams and culture.

I believe it’s important, if not essential, for your process to develop with the full collaboration of the team.  They must understand why, not just what.  Ideally everyone will be intimately involved.

I can help your teams evolve the processes that best fit your culture, and then take that further.

Business Transformation

Its not just software teams that have a desire to change, grow and improve.  All levels in the business need to identify and develop new strategy and tactics.  All levels need to be able to innovate, try out new ideas and experiment.  All levels need to deeply understand that failure is therefore a necessity and be able to maximise learning.

I have experience of working at all levels within an organisation and can help you navigate introducing change across the organisation


Struggling to realise the value in your planning events?  Planning a large agile event and need facilitation skills?  Trying to hold synchronous events across sites and need help?

I have significant experience in all of those areas and can help design events, facilitate or co-facilitate those events, or mentor new facilitation talent.

Workshops & Bespoke Training

Contact us to discuss you requirements.  We can design and deliver workshops or training courses/programmes to your precise needs on a wide range of subjects.